Celebrity Big Brother 2017: How much botox has Brandi Glanville had?

Brandi Glanville chats Botox on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight.

In this evening's episode, the housemates are in the garden, playing a game to get to know each other better.


Sandi asks Brandi and Jemma Lucy; “Who has had the most Botox?”

Brandi puts her hand up while Jemma replies: “I’ve had Botox four times a year since I was twenty. I’m twenty-nine!”

On the topic of plastic surgery, Brandi adds: "I've only had my boobs done and my vagina tightened, that's all."

In the next round of the 'game', Marissa Jade asks Paul Danan and Derek Acorah who has the biggest penis.

Paul replies; “How do I know, I haven’t looked at his c**k! I swear to god I’ve never measured my c**k, I don’t need to!”

Elsewhere in the house tonight, it's Sam Thompson's birthday.

In the latest episode, Jordan surprises Sam as he walks into the living room carrying a birthday cake for Sam. The housemates start singing Happy Birthday to Sam

And later on in the show, Chad is hitting on Marissa in the garden.

He says; “Guys are f*cking scared of sh*t from you, aren’t they? Not only are you a hot girl. You’re also a girl from TV. You’re also a hot girl, from TV, who is also from New York.”


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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