Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 2 recap and highlights

Here's your spoiler filled preview of the second day from Celebrity Big Brother 2017 UK.

The first full day in the house started with Sam’s birthday


Sarah is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about being in the Big Brother house; “Is this a big dream? Is this really happening?” she says. “I think everyone is pretty cool… so far.”

Derek and Jemma are in the garden quizzing Shaun on his life in EastEnders. Shaun states; “Fairly relieved. You did find yourself after a few years thinking ‘I’ve done this storyline’. They’ve just kicked it about a bit.”

Sam and Jordan are with Marissa in the garden, talking about the sleeping arrangements in the house. “I thought I was in bed with a girl!” Jordan says, after Sam tells him an arm wrapped around him in the night

Jemma and Sam.

The housemates are in the garden, playing a game to get to know each other better. Sandi asks Brandi and Jemma; “Who has had the most Botox?” Jemma replies; “I’ve had Botox four times a year since I was twenty. I’m twenty-nine!”

Marissa asks Paul and Derek who has the biggest penis. Paul replies; “How do I know, I haven’t looked at his c**k! I swear to god I’ve never measured my c**k, I don’t need to!”

Jordan walks into the living room carrying a birthday cake for Sam. The housemates start singing Happy Birthday to Sam


Sam has a question for Derek about the supernatural; “Derek, shall we do a Ouija board later?” Derek replies; “There is nothing to be gained by me working with the vibrations of a Ouija board.” Sam goes on to ask Derek about spirit guide Sam; “How did you meet Sam?” “In a previous lifetime”, Derek says

Shaun is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about his task on the first night; “I just thought it deserved a bit more of a reward”. He goes on to talk about his killer nominee, Marissa; “Turns out, she’s a mob bosses missus! Now I’m going to get a horses head in my bed when I leave here!”

Housemates have been paired up for the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 Talent Show. Sandi, Chad and Helen are on the judging panel. Sarah and Amelia sing ‘The Promise’ by Girls Aloud; “I’m doing a gig with a Girls Aloud member, people. I can’t get over this right now!” Amelia says

For his performance, Derek calls on any spirits in the Big Brother house. Karthik is his apprentice. Derek is hoping that any spirits will move a two-pence piece that he has drawn a circle around, which sits in the centre of a table; “I want you to take this pen,” he tells Karthik, “allow it to come it in”.

Karthik draws on the paper as the ‘spirit’ takes over his body. Derek says; “His name is Joseph, by the way…he worked here. He was aged 52 when he left his physical life.”

Karthik says; “I felt a tingling feeling in my forehead. Then I started doodling…that there looks like a face (about his drawing).” As Derek starts to talk about the image Karthik drew, the two-pence piece on the table moves and the coin leaves the circle

Jemma and Trisha demonstrate a combination of Trisha’s YouTube challenges

Shaun and Paul show off their acting skills


Sam and Jordan perform a strip tease for Sandi and Helen

Sam and Jordan are crowned the most talented in the house by the judges

Derek and Shaun.

Sarah is talking to Big Brother in the diary room; “I know I’ve had my trails and tribulations throughout the years, a lot of which has been documented. I haven’t got thick skin, people don’t realise that. When that all ended, where do I go form there?

"This is for me getting a second chance to show people who I’ve grown into. I’m sick of being judged on the past to be quite frank. You learn by your mistakes and regrets. I to make the most of this experience, it’s not everyday you get another opportunity to make the most of your life.”


Chad is hitting on Marissa in the garden, he says; “Guys are f*cking scared of sh*t from you, aren’t they? Not only are you a hot girl. You’re also a girl from TV. You’re also a hot girl, from TV, who is also from New York.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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