Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Karthik Nagesan's toilet habits cause a stir


Karthik Nagesan is already causing a stir on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

On their first night yesterday, the bedrooms were opened and everybody claimed their beds. Helen was left without her own bed and the prospect of having to share a bed with someone. Brandi offered to give her the single bed and she moved to share with Gemma.


Karthnik is sharing a bed with Derek Acorah and quizzed him about being able to speak to spirits. Derek says: “you can’t summon the spirits, no-one can conjure them up.”

The next morning and it wasn't quite spirits that were on Karthnik's mind.

"I was the guy [worried] about snoring and every other f***** here was snoring like crazy, all of them," he said on his first morning in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house.

Karthik Nagesan.
Karthik Nagesan.

However Paul Danan had an issue to take Karthik up on.

He complained to The Apprentice star: "I caught you in that toilet doing a poo. Then this one.

"What's wrong with you man? Stick to one."


Karthik responded: "But when you got to go, you got to go."

"Don't keep spreading your poos!" Paul begged "How many times can you go in one f****** night?"

"You're worse than my son," he added.


Karthik is best known for appearing on The Apprentice. He was fired on the spot by Lord Sugar after one of the worst results the show has ever seen, selling just £188 compared to his rival’s £40,000 plus.


Karthik quickly became a fan favourite on the show due to his entertaining personality, and above all, his love for the monobrow. He describes himself as “the next billion dollar unicorn”!

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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