Celebrity Big Brother UK: Trisha Paytas opens up about her escort past

Trisha Paytas opens up about her escort past in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother UK highlights show.

Its the first night in the house for the new CBB 2017 line up and there's a lot of breaking the ice.


Trisha tells Jemma Lucy she was an escort for 7 years and says “I used to be really bad, I used to escort and do a bunch of really bad things, it’s awful, it was a bad thing for me, but then I found god and Christ and got help”.

Trisha says: “It was so much money, it was hard to walk away from and it’s still hard to walk away from.”

Jemma replies: “I used to do stripping and I made so much money” and says she did it to get by while she was modelling and says: “I like to make money and I like to be independent, I want a nice house, and nice things and I want to get them myself”.

Later, Jordan Davies is getting to know Trisha Paytas in the garden, and she tells him “You’re extra” and says: “I don’t want to be around you, you seem a lot”.

Trisha then asks Jordan: “Are you a hooker? A escort?” and then goes on to quiz Jordan on whether he is circumcised.

Jordan then speaks Welsh to Trisha and she refuses to believe that Wales has its own language.


Trisha asks: “Is that really a language or are you just making it up?”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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