Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Killer nomination twist causes anger

Shaun Williamson has been forced to make a killer nomination on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

In tonight's show, Shaun is told the results of his secret task in the diary room while housemates watch on in the living room.


In last night's live launch show, Shaun was the first housemate in and given a special earpiece to receive instructions from Big Brother.

This evening, he is told by Big Brother that the prize for winning the task would include immunity from nominations and the opportunity to make a killer nomination.

Big Brother tells Shaun that he FAILED to be the most nervous housemate in Big Brother history and as such, he will only win half of his reward.

"Congratulations, you have won a killer nomination," Big Brother tells Shaun.

Shaun is then asked to make a killer nomination, and he chooses Mob Wives' star Marissa Jade.


Marissa therefore will definitely face the first eviction of the series, alongside whoever is put up for the axe in the first round of usual nominations.

Marissa appeared to take the news well at first, insisting: "I'm not upset, it's okay."

Despite Shaun saying sorry, Marissa went on to brand his decision "harsh" and later confronted him in the garden.

In the Diary Room, Sam was loving all of it as he celebrated his birthday.

"It's going to kick off! Day 1 we've got beef, that's my birthday present right there," he said.

Meanwhile, Marissa and Sarah Harding get to know each other sat by the hot tub, and she tells Sarah she has been around the block and experienced a lot in her life.

Sarah admits to Marissa “I can’t wait to settle down now and have a family.


"And I got duped when I was 30, 6 months before my wedding and that broke me, but every day is a new opportunity. Sometimes you might f**k up but life goes on, it always does”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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