Love Island 2017: Jessica Shears tells haters to "f**k off"

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Love Island 2017 contestant Jessica Shears has told her haters to "f**k off".

Jess, who coupled up with Dominic Lever on this year's series, lashed out on Twitter after getting trolled on the social media website.


Fuming with those who have claimed her and Dom are 'faking it', Jess tweeted: "Not gunna lie, most people on social media are doing my head in at the moment. F**k off back to your miserable life and stop hating on me."

She then added: "Tweet me in ten years when Dom and I are still happy and together."

Despite many doubting their romance, suggesting it's all just for £££, this week saw Jess and Dom prove their loyalty by getting matching tattoos.

The pair both went and got inked up this week with his and hers Love Island themed designs.

They each got love hearts with palm trees alongside one another's initials.

And like a lot of the Love Island contestants' antics since leaving, even these "super special tattoos" were sponsored.

Love Island contestant Jessica was previously slammed for flooding her Instagram with 'cringe' adverts.

With a MILLION followers on the social media website, it's no wonder that brands want her to flog their wares.

But fans have had enough of Jess' constant stream of sponsored posts with her plugging everything from clothes and make up to breakfast smoothies and toothpaste.


"Pretty much every post on here is sponsored, it's a joke. Definitely unfollowing now because it's getting on my nerves," one of Jess' followers wrote.

Another commented on one of the pics: "Just naturally in bed with your protein shake...and somebody happens to take a pic. Hate it when that happens 😂😂"

And a third simply branded Jess a "walking advert".

Jess and Love Island boyfriend Dominic have also cashed in with magazine deals.

Chatting to OK! Magazine this month, the couple spoke about wedding plans and children.


Dom said: "If things keep progressing the way they are right now, I didn't see any reason why I wouldn't propose. We spoke about marriage and kids in the villa, it's something we both want. We want three kids."


Jess added: "I'd love to get married somewhere hot because we met in Majorca, so I think it would be romantic. I like the idea of doing it in south Italy or Greece."

Love Island will return to ITV2 in the summer of 2018 for its fourth series.

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