Big Brother's Rebecca Jane reveals 'the truth' about her and Lotan Carter

Rebecca Jane and has revealed the 'truth' about her and Lotan Carter following Big Brother 2017.

Chanelle McCleary and Rebecca clashed on Big Brother in the final week over shock claims about Lotan.


As part of a task a number of ex housemates returned including Chanelle and Rebecca, as well as Sukhvinder, Sue and Imran.

During their stay, an argument broke out between Chanelle and Rebecca where Chanelle branded Rebecca a "w***e", prompting Rebecca to ask “You wanna call me a w***e on camera, you should explain it”.

“You sh**ged Lotan just to get a f***ing magazine interview. You’re embarrassing”, Chanelle alleged in her reply.


Now in an interview with The Sun newspaper, Rebecca has cleared a few things up.

"We’re not in a relationship," she said of herself and Lotan. “We’re really good friends and we enjoy spending time together and that’s as far as it goes.”

But when asked if the pair had slept together, Rebecca replied simply: "No comment.”


She explained: "We lived in a house for nearly a month. We were very, very close. We’re quite similar people.

“We’re very affectionate people. We spent a lot of time in close proximity and we were close because we missed affection."

And Rebecca told the tabloid: “He’s seen me half naked because I lived with him. We’re close because we got to that level of living with somebody. It’s like living with one of my girlfriends.

“We’re more than happy to share a bed together.

“But we’re not together and we won’t be together.”

When it was all kicking off in the house, Lotan took to Twitter with some very short and blunt replies.

"Wow" he posted simply at first during the episode.

"Is this true about Rebecca? 🙊 xx" asked a follower.


"No," Lotan replied.

He then praised Tina Malone after she slated Chanelle during Bit On The Side.


"Oh s**t!!! I love this woman!!! TINA" Lotan tweeted.

It was Isabelle who won Big Brother 2017 in last week's final.

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