Eden producer says the new episodes of the Channel 4 show are "quite dark"

Participants of the year-long reality project apparently struggled in their remote setting

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The bosses of Channel 4's Eden have revealed that the remaining episodes of the show will be "quite dark" - with participants reverting to their "base instincts".

Eden, which began filming in March last year, saw 23 people dumped on a remote peninsula in Scotland.


Their challenge was to build their own society from scratch over the course of a year.

The show began on TV last summer, but was quietly dropped from the schedule after four episodes - leaving viewers wondering what had gone on.

But it was recently confirmed that Eden will return in August - with C4 teasing that the "dream turned in to a nightmare".

Now show chiefs have elaborated on what we can expect - and it seems anyone hoping that the society would be a success may be disappointed.

In the new issue of Radio Times magazine, C4 commissioning editor Ian Dunkley comments: "The participants went in with a rose-tinted view of how society would evolve when you started from scratch.

"Things went in a different direction. People reverted to their base instincts."

Executive producer Liz Foley added: "It does get quite dark. But it's what happened and it's interesting."

Foley also insisted that there was no chance of Eden being axed, despite ratings dropping from an initial 1.8million to 800,000.

"It would be completely immoral to allow the contributors to think they were still taking part in something that was no longer happening," she added.


Unconfirmed reports have claimed that as few as ten of the 23 participants were still taking part when filming wrapped.

Eden will return to Channel 4 on Monday 7th August at 10.00pm, with five new episodes airing stripped across the week.

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