Big Brother's Chanelle and Hannah 'at war' over Love, Peace and Harmony song?

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Big Brother 2017 housemates Chanelle McCleary and Hannah Agboola are reportedly 'at war' over their Love, Peace and Harmony song.

The pair often belted out the original track in the house during the latest series, but can't seem to agree who actually made it up.


The Sun newspaper reports that both girls want to release an official version of the song for download.

According to the tabloid, it's resulted in a rather awkward atmosphere between the two girls.

"Chanelle came in the green room and told Hannah she’d been offered a deal to release the song," a source at the wrap party revealed. “She said it was her song and she will release it."

The insider went on: “Hannah had a minor tantrum saying it was her song, but both now say they are releasing ‘Love, Peace and Harmony’.

“It really was one of the most awkward moment of the series – and it wasn’t even filmed."

Hannah had previously declared in a Facebook Q&A after her exit she would be the one to release the song.

"As it’s my song record label has contacted me," she said. “The single is coming out. Let’s say by next week.

“Everyone will have 'Love, Peace and Harmony' on their phone by then.”

The source quipped: “Some of the housemates will be cringing at the prospect of them releasing the song and hope the conflict means they both can’t release it."


However on Twitter Chanelle hit back at the story.

"Times really must be hard for some people to keep selling made up stories I'm actually dead," she wrote.

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