Big Brother 2017: Tom Barber reveals he left the house for a brain scan

Tom Barber left the Big Brother 2017 house during the series for medical treatment.

The People's Housemate, who was voted into the house on launch night by viewers, left in 4th place in last night's final.


And chatting to Emma Willis on his exit, Tom let slip that he had got very ill in the house to point he left to have a brain scan and considered quitting.

However us viewers had no idea.

Discussing his friendship with Kieran Lee, Tom told Emma: "I love him to bits, he helped me through a lot. I got ill, I had to go out and have a brain scan and stuff, ear infection, tonsillitis.

"I was like, 'I can't go any longer' and [Kieran] was like, 'You've got a couple of days left so keep going'. So, massively, I love him."

Tom wasn't the only housemate to leave the house this year.

Big Brother's Rebecca Jane left the house to go to hospital after injuring her arm after slipping on an egg in the kitchen.

No mention of her hospital dash was made and so viewers were left rather confused when Rebecca suddenly appeared with her arm in a sling.

While Rebecca initially laughed off the accident as part of 'Egg Gate', she later went to the Diary Room for first aid.

In a Facebook Q&A following her exit, Rebecca explained she ended up leaving the house completely to go to hospital.


"I was taken off to hospital, after I slipped on the eggs," she said. "I got put on an alcohol ban and made to watch them lot get p***ed."

Big Brother aired on Channel 5.

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