Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson over for good?

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Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson's relationship could be over for good.

At the end of the last series the pair announced they were going on a 'break' ahead of a summer getaway to Ibiza.


It didn't really sound like a good idea and so it's no real surprise to learn it's turned into a bit of a mess.

Speaking from Ibiza, Sam said this week: "It's amazing out here! There have been incredible highs and petty bad lows."

He told Star magazine: "Tiff and I decided to take a break but we were both coming out to Ibiza. Filming together has been so much harder than we thought it would be.

"There have been so many problems."

He explained: "I'm 24, she's 23 and we've both been in Ibiza. Things are definitely going to happen.

"There have been a lot of sour times when we found out stuff about each other and that's been horrible, really rank."

As for their potential future together, Sam said it remained to be seen if the break would turn into a permanent split.

"We'll have a chat at the end of summer to see how we feel. I really don't know how it's going to go. I wanted the break because there are still so many things I haven't done in my life," he said.


Made In Chelsea's Ibiza special begins tonight on E4.

In the first episode and on his break with Tiff, a newly single Sam is looking for fun. But is he in danger of breaking their 'no friends, no feelings' pact, when he starts flirting with a mutual friend in the group?

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