Eden is coming back to Channel 4 a year on - what happened next?

What happened to Eden?


Channel 4's Eden is FINALLY returning to TV a year on from the show's premiere.

As you may (but probably not) recall, Eden was an ambitious social experiment that began in March 2016, when 23 people with varying skills were shipped to the remote Ardnamurchan peninsula in Scotland.

They were challenged to build their own society from scratch over the course of a year.

Four episodes aired in the summer, but ratings struggled, falling from a launch number of 1.8million viewers to just 800,000.

Eden on Channel 4
Eden on Channel 4

New instalments were supposed to go out sporadically, but the show hasn't been on our screens since last August.

Filming wrapped up after 12 months back in March when the contestants discovered that the show had been off air for seven months.

Now we're finally going to see what happened next with Eden back on screens airing nightly across the week at 10PM from Monday, August 7 on Channel 4.

It's believed that just ten of the 23 were remaining by the end, but we'll have to wait and watch to find out what exactly went down.

Teasing the first of the five episodes, Channel 4 said: "This stripped series across the week follows the remaining time in Eden, to find out how the dream turned into a nightmare."

During filming between 2016 and 2017, the participants were kept completely unaware of the seismic news unfolding on the outside world.

Ali on Eden
Ali on Eden

Speaking at January's Realscreen Summit, then Channel 4 boss Jay Hunt said: "Those poor buggers are coming out to discover Trump, Brexit and an array of other delights.

"It may end up being the most extraordinary insight into the way the world has changed in the past year."

Eden: A Paradise Lost, airs from next Monday - August 7 - at 10PM on Channel 4.

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