Make Or Break: All about Channel 5's new reality dating series

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Make Or Break is Channel 5's new reality dating series - and possibly a Love Island rival.

The show starts in August and will see a number of couples put to the ultimate relationship test.


All while enjoying the sun of a luxury Mexican holiday resort, of course.

"Fill your summer fix as eight couples who have come to a crossroads in their relation-ship head to a Mexican tropical paradise to see if their relationship is make or break," Channel 5 teased about the show.

They add: "Are they with the one? Is what they have worth fighting for? Through partner swaps and trials, our experts will give the couples the tools to make better relationship decisions."

Once they in Mexico, the couples' relationships are put 'on a break', Ross and Rachel style.

Then everyone will begin dating each other as they swap partners every 48 hours.

Throughout their stay they take part in expert-led behaviour workshops, a series of challenges, and sex therapy sessions designed to give them a deeper knowledge of themselves and each other.

At the end of their stay in Mexico, the couples are asked to make a final decision regarding their original relationship—is it make or break?

Those on the cast are Beth, David, Karl, Holly, Ell, Andy, Ellie, Connor, Matty, Jess, Che, Nikita, Sophii, Richard, Stephen and Abbi.


Just like Love Island and Big Brother, Make or Break will air nightly, starting on Monday, August 7 at 10PM.

Stripped Monday to Friday, Make Or Break will air each week night for two weeks.

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