Big Brother 2017: Ellie Young reveals she had warnings over her drinking

Evicted Big Brother 2017 housemate Ellie Young has revealed she was warned by show bosses.

In scenes not shown on TV, Ellie says producers told her off on more than one occasion for her excessive drinking.


“They did have to have words with me a couple of times saying ‘Ellie you’ve got to monitor your drinking’," Ellie confessed this week. “I was told in the diary room. They would say ‘you’re the one who is monitoring your drink’.

“Which was good of them because a lot of people would be like just let them get p***** and do more entertaining s***.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Ellie went on to blame the booze for a lot of her actions in the house - such as all those rows with Sam Chaloner.

“I can’t hold my emotions in when I’ve had a drink," Ellie said. “If I’d drank less I wouldn’t have got as upset but when you’re not doing tasks you’re not doing anything else."

She recalled: “The best part of the day is a seven o’clock when they brought the drinks in.

“In that environment you seem to get so drunk off so little. It looks like we had a lot to drink but they would only do three rounds and we were trying to pace ourselves because the nights are so much more fun when we’ve had a drink.

“But that’s when all the things I’d been thinking would come out. So the next day I would say to myself I wouldn’t get as drunk but because I was so bored I was like ‘oh let’s have a drink’."

Ellie was evicted last Friday night alongside Sam and Chanelle in a triple exit.


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The final airs this Friday night from 9PM.

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