Davina McCall says she doesn't want to see sex on Big Brother

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Former Big Brother host Davina McCall has said she doesn't like seeing sex on Big Brother.

The former BB presenter made the comments while discussing her ITV2's Love Island, which recently finished its third series on Monday night.


Davina praised Love Island for not 'really' showing couples have sex.

"This series I have to say, it did feel like it was a little bit different," Davina explained. "It's very difficult isn’t it.

"I was very anti having sex on Big Brother. I personally didn’t want to see it.

"I was quite happy to see slightly curling toes and that's all I wanted to see. I wanted to see the promise. I don’t ever want to ‘see it’."

Davina - who previously said Love Island is what Big Brother 'used to be' - went on tell Good Morning Britain that her children were "obsessed" with the show.

"I watched a bit at the beginning and then I missed it because we were going on holiday," she recalled. "My daughters have been on catch up since we got back form holiday. They are nearly 16 and nearly 14.

“It was just listening to screams coming from the bedroom as they watched the final. They are literally obsessed.


"And the things is for that age group, which is the age group Big Brother was aiming for when it all started, they are obsessed in the same way they were obsessed with Big Brother."

Love Island will return for its fourth series next summer while Big Brother finishes its run with the final on Friday.

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