Big Brother 2017 fight! It all kicks off as ex housemates return to the house

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It all kicked off in the Big Brother 2017 house yesterday as some ex-housemates returned.

On Monday, Big Brother gathered the housemates and told them they would be taken through the stages of life in fast forward. In last night's show, they became babies before going to school and then graduating University.


In the house yesterday, the task continued with a first date between Kieran and Deborah before a wedding in the garden.

And that's where the ex-housemates made their entrance as guests at the ceremony.

First to enter was Sukhvinder Javeed. She told Raph he was "brilliant" before attacking Tom: "Tom, the people's housemate. I think the people are really disappointed. You kind of make me understand why democracy in our country is so f**ked up, that people are choosing you to be the power housemate."

Next in was Rebecca Jane, who first had some harsh words for Kieran over his lack of loyalty.

But she wasn't done there, then taking aim at Hannah Agboola: "You're literally the most selfish and immature person in this whole house."


Hannah hit back: "I can't give selfish, immature people that are rude and have disgusting words...

"Disgusting words? They're called f**king truths, Hannah," interrupted Rebecca.

Hannah tried to continue: "Continue doing your make up campaign and discriminating against..."

"This is all you've got on me dear," snapped Rebecca, "Whereas unfortunately the whole f**king public hates you and I'm so excited for it."

Hannah then quipped: "I'm still here, how about you? Let's walk away from her..."

But Rebecca stood firm: "She's going to stay and listen until I finish."


Hannah then began to sing, as Rebecca slammed: "Oh sweetheart you're never gonna get a record deal. Shut the f**k up. I ain't going nowhere."

More housemates returning include Chanelle McCleary.


And she teased trouble could be on its way on Twitter: "So today reuniting with some of my past housemates which will be FUN FUN FUN, especially after all they have done is bitch about me 👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽"

'Hurricane Sue' Sue Evans is also understood to have joined the house yesterday, with all the fallout due to air in Wednesday night's show at the later time of 10:30PM.

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