Love Island 2017 winners Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay reveal show's sex secrets

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Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay have revealed the sex secrets of the Love Island 2017 villa.

It was Amber and Kem who won the show in last month’s final, sharing the £50,000 prize fund.

Following their victory, the pair have spoken out about what us viewers didn’t see on TV.

And it included a LOT of sex, with the couple confessing to having romped pretty much all over the villa.

Amber told The Sun newspaper: “It was true that we had sex in the house more than any couple. Why not?”

Amber cries.
Amber cries.

She admitted: “My mum didn’t want me to have sex on TV, but I never ruled anything out.

“If you fancy someone and you’ve got that sexual chemistry, it’s a natural thing. By the end everyone was doing it.”

Kem added: “We was at it like rabbits.”

They even did it in front of Tyla and Jonny in the living area.

“We thought, let’s just give it a go. It’s better in that room because there’s no one else in there,” Kem recalled.

Amber then confessed: “Actually, no, Tyla and Johnny were in there. Who cares?”

Meanwhile, the couple have revealed plans to get MARRIED.

Kem said: “That is my intention. Amber is my first girlfriend. I’ve always said I would never have a girlfriend if I was half-hearted.

“When I look at my relationship with Amber, I look at it as something there’s no end to it. It can go all the way.”

Amber (fortunately) agreed: “Yeah me too, 100 per cent. I’ve been in relationships before and it’s literally been a shambles.

Love Island 2017: Amber, Kem and baby.
Love Island 2017: Amber, Kem and baby.

“I went on Love Island to find love.”

In the Love Island final, Jamie and Camilla were runners up behind Kem and Amber while Chris and Olivia finished in third place and Marcel and Gabby were in fourth place.

Love Island will return for a fourth series in 2018.

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