Big Brother 2017: Kieran Lee and Deborah Agboola are getting 'married'!

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Kieran Lee and Deborah Agboola are getting 'married' on Big Brother 2017.

Yesterday, Big Brother gathered the housemates and told them they would be taken through the stages of life in fast forward.


In tonight's show, they become babies before going to school and then graduating University.

Meanwhile, in the house today, the task continued with a first date where Kieran and Deborah enjoyed a romantic meal.

"I know we've been wanting to go out for a while... This is so cringe," teased Kieran.

"This is so cringe, it's free food!" exclaimed Deborah.

Kieran went on: "Is it because you called me handsome that you wanted to go on a first date?"


Deborah replied: "Kieran your head is to big. It's soon going to explode, it's not your fault. They won't be able to fit you out of the room. This pancake is better than you.

Later in the Diary Room, Kieran told Big Brother: "We're now planning the wedding!"

Deborah reacted: "I did not agree that one. Ignore him!. I did not say they would be anymore, he gave me cold pancakes I just entertained him because there was free food.

"It was okay,I enjoyed myself but don't go asking for another one... I don't fancy him!"

But later, as part of the task, Kieran proposed.

"Deborah, obviously we've been here since day one. We've got on really well. We have a great connection and obviously you are my number one and my Queen," he said.


The pair then hosted a wedding reception inside the house.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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