Love Island 2017 winners and losers could all make MILLIONS

Love Island 2017 cast

The winners of Love Island 2017 - and the losers - all stand to cash in.

It was Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies who won Love Island 2017 last night in the live final on ITV2.


Rivals Jamie and Camilla were runners up, Olivia and Chris finished in third and Gabby and Marcel ended the series in 4th place.

As part of the final, host Caroline unveiled that the £50,000 prize fund wasn't just Amber and Kem's to take away then and there.

Caroline revealed two sealed envelopes, explaining that one had £0 inside and the other the full £50,000. Amber and Kem then each had to select an envelope, with Amber ending up with £0 and Kem the £50,000 prize.


Caroline put Kem to the test as he was asked if he was on the show for love or just for the cash: He could either keep the £50,000 for himself or share it half and half with Amber.

Kem didn't hesitate, saying: "Of course I'm going to share it."


As a result, Kem and Amber each left the villa with £25,000.

But they - and their fellow finalists - are set to make so much more.

Agent Dave Read reckons some could even make MILLIONS after the series attracting a huge average audience of almost 3 million viewrs.

“The demand this year for anything Love Island-related is at astronomical levels," he told The Sun newspaper. “Brands are queuing up to offer them thousands just to pose with a product, like teeth whitening paste or lip gloss. They get £1,500 per post.

“When the Islanders are coming out of the house, they’re realising their social media accounts are literally bulging and they’re all followed by fans of the show who are mostly late teens and early twenties, who are a key market with disposable income.”

Love Island 2017 final couples
Love Island 2017 final couples

While it would take a LOT of Instagram posts to make a £1 million, some of the more popular contestants could enjoy bigger pay days from modelling, magazine deals and even their own TV shows.


“Ratings have been such a success, ITV2 will be desperate to make new shows off the back of it," a source said. “But there is danger of other networks who aim at a younger market snapping up the stars too.

“It’ll be a dog fight to sign them up.”

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