Big Brother 2017: Hannah and Tom punish Andrew and reward Deborah

Hannah Agboola and Tom Barber have continued to wield power over the Big Brother 2017 house today.

The pair were fake evicted by their fellow housemates back on Friday night, leaving by the backdoor.


However in fact they've not gone and instead are staying in Big Brother's attic where they can watch and mess with the housemates.

For their latest task, Hannah and Tom had the power to pick one housemate to reward with a day of luxury and one housemate to punish with a day of torture.

There were no real surprises in who they picked, with Hannah's rival Andrew Cruickshanks getting the punishment sister Deborah Agboola getting the reward.

Deborah's day started with messages of love from viewers, while Tom was given a card containing mean tweets.

Deborah was then given her favourite meal for lunch but Tom had to eat slop.


Deborah then got to enjoy a luxury bubble bath while Andrew had to have a soak in fish guts in the garden.

The task will air in Monday night's episode.

In tonight's show, Hannah and Tom had the ultimate power to decide who faced the next eviction.

Hannah put Charlotte up for eviction, saying: "She is going to be my option of nomination. The reason being is because I feel like she should have respected the fact of how it may feel nominating another person that is a pair when you've been in that situation."

Tom then nominated Isabelle for eviction, saying: "She's nominated me twice and evicted me, so yeah I'm going to nominate Isabelle."


The one with the most votes to evict will be booted out the backdoor on Monday night, with their exit shown in Tuesday night's episode.

Big Brother continues at 10PM on Monday night.

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