Big Brother 2017: Prankster Raph strikes again and Andrew is his victim

Prankster Raphael Korine struck again in the Big Brother 2017 house today.

After paying £150 for a meeting with former BBUK winner Josie Gibson in last week's prize money task, Raph was given some 'tips' on how to win.


Raph was encouraged by Josie to play more pranks and he was quick to follow her advice.

In the house today, he teamed up with Kieran to prank Andrew.

Cornered in the bathroom, Andrew was enjoying a nice warm shower until Raph & Kieran came along and ruined it with a few buckets of ice cold water.

It certainly went a lot better than Raph's previous attempt to prank the housemates.

In the house last week, Raph decided to fill the shower gel up with fake tan.


"The guys often use my shower gel. I put fake tan in there," he told Chanelle, who was evicted on Friday.

"Brilliant, that is so f**king good!" Chanelle exclaimed.

However Raph's prank turned out to be a bit of a flop with Chanelle's attempts to get Kieran to use the shower gel causing him to figure something was up.

"Chanelle offered it up, she said you wouldn't mind if I used it but I know full well you do mind, so I know there's something wrong with it," Kieran told Raph. "Am I right or wrong?"

"The fact that she knew you wouldn't mind means there's something in it, correct?" Kieran pressed.

"Is there something in it?" Raph replied innocently.

"He thinks I don't know him!" Kieran laughed to Deborah.


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The next episode airs this evening (Sunday) at the slightly earlier than usual time of 8PM.

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