Big Brother POLL! Two face final eviction - who do you want out? Vote here!

Two housemates face the final eviction of Big Brother 2017 - who do you want out?

Charlotte Keys and Isabelle Warburton are up for the axe in the last eviction of the series.


The pair have been put up for eviction by Hannah Agboola and Tom Barber who were fake evicted from the house on Friday night.

The one of the two who gets the most votes will be kicked out via the backdoor on Monday, with their exit shown in Tuesday's show.

Who do you want out? Vote in our poll below...

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As yet, Charlotte and Isabelle do not know they are up for eviction.

Following the real eviction of Sam, Chanelle and Ellie in Friday night's live show, host Emma Willis announced to the housemates that they had a big decision to make.


Big Brother called a face-to-face eviction where housemates were told they had to decide which two more housemates would leave via a back door eviction.

Unknown to the rest of the house, Tom and Hannah have only moved next door and are living in secret in Big Brother's attic.

In tonight's highlights show, they had the power to decide which two housemates faced the final eviction of the series.

To no surprise, Hannah wanted to keep her sister Deborah safe while Tom made Kieran safe.

Hannah put Charlotte up for eviction, saying: "She is going to be my option of nomination. The reason being is because I feel like she should have respected the fact of how it may feel nominating another person that is a pair when you've been in that situation."


Tom then nominated Isabelle for eviction, saying: "She's nominated me twice and evicted me, so yeah I'm going to nominate Isabelle."


The one with the most votes to evict will be booted out the backdoor on Monday night, with their exit shown in Tuesday night's episode.

Big Brother continues at 10PM on Monday night, when Hannah and Tom will return to the house.

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