Big Brother 2017 housemates to face harsh home truths from viewers

The Big Brother 2017 housemates are set to learn the truth about what viewers think of them.

"But they've already done that twice this year!" we hear you cry.


Well it seems that producers don't have many other ideas because they're doing it once more.

A new poll on the official Channel 5 website HERE is asking for your opinions on the final housemates who currently reside in the house.

Big Brother wants to know which of those left is the best and worst dressed, most and least honest, most and least nice, most and least powerful and, finally the most and least hygienic.

The viewers' feedback will be revealed to the house in a new task that's taking place this weekend.

The task will form part of the weekend's secret attic twist with Hannah and Tom currently spying on the house after being fake evicted on Friday night.

They'll make a surprise return to the house today, having got to mess with the housemates over the past 24 hours.

And their fake evictions will end will with a very real one as the pair nominate two housemates to face the public vote.


The loser of the viewer poll will face a backdoor exit on Monday night, with their exit shown during Tuesday night's episode.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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