Love Island 2017: Chris Hughes meets Kem Cetinay's parents

Love Island 2017: Chris Kem talk about their girls.

Chris Hughes meets Kem Cetinay's parents in tonight's Love Island 2017.

This evening, the relatives of the remaining couples enter the villa.


Amber gets a text: “Islanders, it’s time for the ultimate relationship test. #parentalguidance #meettheinlaws”

Amber’s mum and dad and Kem’s mum and brother are first to enter the villa.

Both Kem and Amber are visibly emotional as they greet their loved ones. They go off separately with their parents to have a chat and catch up after almost two months away from home.

Love Island:  Chris meets Kem's family.
Love Island: Chris meets Kem's family.

Kem’s mum tells her son: “We’ve missed you so much. The house has been so quiet. You have been 100 per cent you, sensitive, funny, hilarious. When I see Amber with you and how happy you are, as a mother that just makes me so happy.”

Kem’s brother asks his feelings towards Amber. Kem says: “I genuinely do think I’m in love with her.”

Kem’s brother teases about the action going on under the covers. Kem’s mum admits: “I have to hide under a blanket.”


Kem’s mum then tells Kem: “It’s not just your and Amber’s love that is talked about, it’s yours and Chris’ too.”

His brother jokes: “I’m a bit intimidated that he is going to be your best man at the wedding, I’m not happy about that!”

Chris comes to meet the family. Kem’s mum says: “I think he’s my third son now.

Meanwhile, Amber’s dad tells her: “I absolutely love him, he is amazing. The whole of Wales has been absolutely rooting for you.”

Amber asks her parents what their favourite moment has been of her time in the villa. Amber’s mum replies: “When Kem asked you to be his girlfriend. It’s because you were happy, because the first few weeks I was so upset for you.”

Love Island:  Amber greets parents.
Love Island: Amber greets parents.

Amber’s dad adds: “In the early days, it was really rocky but I just think you look totally together.”

Amber says to her parents: “You said to me, the two things you can’t do are smoke and have sex and I did it in the first week. I was just thinking, ‘they are going to kill me.’ When you fancy someone and it’s the early time of a relationship it’s natural.”


“Of course it is, I wasn’t bothered about the sex,” Amber’s mum tells her.

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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