Love Island fans want Chris and Kem to couple up and win the show

Love Island 2017: Kem and Chris talking.

Love Island 2017 fans are backing Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay to (somehow) win Love Island 2017 on Monday.

The bromance between the pair has become a favourite of viewers, even if it did get a little weird recently when they shaved their initials into one another's pubic hair.


And in last night's Weekly Hot List episode, the pair were seen spitting lyrics while showering naked together.

Fans have called on the pair to officially couple up - and win the show.

"In the final of #LoveIsland can we just vote for kem and chris to win together?😂" one asked this weekend.

Another agreed: "Chris and Kem should actually win #LoveIsIand though. They are a dream couple."

A third added: "Kem and Chris bromance is everything like can they just couple up and win the show? #LoveIsland"


Others have called on TV producers to give the pair their very own reality show.

Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts tweeted: "What are @itv2 going to do about providing us with future Chris & Kem viewing. This can't be it. #loveisland"

Right now Chris and Kem are currently officially coupled up with Olivia and Amber respectively.

On Friday night's show, the guys explained to Amber and Olivia their bond.

Kem said: “These things happen, we didn’t want to click but this is just fate.”

Chris added: “Sometimes you can’t help the click, the click comes and finds you.”

“I think we’re going to be best friends for the rest of my life,” Kem began.

“Forever and ever,” Chris finished.

The girls rolled their eyes as Olivia said to Amber: “Imagine coming on Love Island and meeting a boy who felt about you the way they feel about each other.”


“That is the dream,” Amber replied.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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