Big Brother 2017 housemates show off their hidden talents

The Big Brother 2017 housemates have been showing off their (very) hidden talents.

In the house today, housemates were set a talent show task from the public.


Or at least, that's what the group were told.

Last night, Tom Barber and Hannah Agboola were given the boot by their fellow housemates in a fake double eviction.

Unknown to the rest of the house, the pair are living in secret in Big Brother's attic.

As well as watching the housemates via a live link, they'll be controlling the house in a number of tasks.

This afternoon, Big Brother told the pair: "Shortly you will have the chance to put your housemates to the test.


"You will be testing them on how entertaining they are.

"Big Brother's going to tell housemates that their first task today is to perform in a talent show. You must choose the four most boring housemates to be the stars of the show."

Charlotte, Isabelle, Kieran and Raph were chosen by the pair.

In the talent show, Charlotte will perform a mime act. Isabelle will be doing impressions. Kieran will be performing a stand up comedy routine. Raph will be giving housemates a tutorial on how to twerk.

Big Brother told the four piece: ""Housemates you are being tested and if you are not being entertaining, you will be booed off the stage."

Hannah and Tom were of course in control of the boos and didn't hesitate to use them.

Only Raph was given cheers from the 'public' after his twerking demonstration.


"He killed it!" exclaimed Hannah from the secret attic.

Big Brother continues Sunday night at 8PM on Channel 5.

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