Big Brother 2017: Charlotte Keys and Isabelle Warburton currently face eviction

Charlotte Keys and Isabelle Warburton currently face eviction from Big Brother 2017 this week.

The pair have been put up for eviction by Hannah Agboola and Tom Barber who were fake evicted from the house on Friday night.


However they're able to change their nominations up until making their final decision in the house tonight (Saturday). Their final nominations will be revealed in Sunday night's episode.

In tonight's highlights, Hannah nominated Charlotte and Tom nominated Isabelle after the girls voted for them to go in the fake face to face eviction.

Following the rel eviction of Sam, Chanelle and Ellie in Friday night's live show, host Emma Willis announced to the housemates that they had a big decision to make.


Big Brother called a face-to-face eviction where housemates were told they had to decide which two more housemates would leave via a back door eviction.

Hannah had three votes to go, Kieran and Tom both two and Isabelle one.


"This is Big Brother, Hannah you have been evicted," Big Brother then announced, "As there is a tie for the second housemate to be evicted, Big Brother will therefore revert to tonight's public vote to decide.

"Big Brother can reveal that Tom received more votes than Kieran, Tom you will therefore be evicted."

Unknown to the rest of the house, Tom and Hannah have only moved next door and are living in secret in Big Brother's attic.

As well as watching the housemates via a live link, they'll be controlling the house in a number of tasks.


They'll be able to spy on everything the housemates do before making their final nomination decisions.


The two nominated housemates will then face the public vote and one will be given the axe via the back door - for real - on Monday night.

Big Brother on Sunday night at the earlier time of 8PM on Channel 5.

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