Big Brother's Kieran Lee devastated as Tom Barber is 'evicted'

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Kieran Lee has been left devastated by Tom Barber's Big Brother 2017 eviction.

Last night, Tom Barber and Hannah Agboola were given the boot by their fellow housemates in a fake double eviction.


Unknown to the rest of the house, the pair are living in secret in Big Brother's attic.

Housemates had to vote face to face for who they wanted to evict from the house via the backdoor.

Hannah had three votes to go, Kieran and Tom both two and Isabelle one.


"This is Big Brother, Hannah you have been evicted," Big Brother then announced, "As there is a tie for the second housemate to be evicted, Big Brother will therefore revert to tonight's public vote to decide.

"Big Brother can reveal that Tom received more votes than Kieran therefore, Tom you will be evicted."


Following the (fake) double eviction, Kieran took to the Diary Room to admit: "I hardly slept last night. I couldn't really sleep, thinking loads of things. It's just one of them, isn't it?

"It's really hard because you don't expect it like I always had an idea in my head that it would come down if I got this far with probability of people that you at some point, you will lose close people to you."

Kieran went on to tell Big Brother "But you don't really let it sink in until you're sat there and a name's called out. and that's when you think s**t, it's actually happened an that was hard.

"I thought that maybe we we're gonna be able to choose between the group cause I was gong to take it through and let him stay, because obviously he's felt s**t and I think he's grown a lot in here and his character's grown.


"And he's learning to stand on his feet more, for himself. And I thought maybe he could have done with more time in here obviously to learn a little bit more and that will help him.

"'cause he's only young, he's only 21. but obviously it went to public vote and so I were saved."


We reckon Kieran will be rather delighted when Tom makes his return to the house on Sunday night...

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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