Big Brother 2017: Two 'evicted' housemates move into the secret attic

Two housemates have moved into Big Brother's secret attic.

Hannah Agboola and Tom Barber were 'fake evicted' last night as the latest twist of this summer's series got underway.


Following the real evictions of Sam, Chanelle and Ellie in last night's live show, host Emma Willis announced to the housemates that they had a big decision to make.

Housemates had to vote face to face for who they wanted to evict from the house via the backdoor.

Hannah had three votes to go, Kieran and Tom both two and Isabelle one.

"This is Big Brother, Hannah you have been evicted," Big Brother then announced, "As there is a tie for the second housemate to be evicted, Big Brother will therefore revert to tonight's public vote to decide.

"Big Brother can reveal that Tom received more votes than Kieran therefore, Tom you will therefore be evicted."


However, unknown to the remaining housemates, Tom and Hannah have not been evicted and in reality just moved next door into Big Brother's attic.

Tom and Hannah were over the moon as they entered the secret hideaway, enjoying the comfy beds, private garden and screen to watch the housemates.

However Hannah soon complained: "I don't want to be sharing a room all day with you though. You're a bit annoying"

Fortunately for Hannah, the twist will only last the weekend before the pair make a surprise return to the main house.


And in one more twist, the double fake eviction will end in a very real eviction.

Hannah and Tom will choose two other housemates to face the next public vote. Lines will open on Sunday before closing on Monday where one housemate will leave via the backdoor for real.


Keep watching Big Brother over the coming days to see what happens.

Big Brother continues Saturday night at 9PM on Channel 5.

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