Love Island 2017 girls go undercover to complete secret missions

Love Island spoilers

Love Island The Girls.

The girls go undercover on Love Island 2017 tonight as they're set a series of secret missions.

They're promised a "very special prize" if they successfully complete their top secret assignments.


It all begins when Amber gets a text: “Girls today you will all become undercover lovers."

The messages continues: Each of you must complete an individual undercover assignment involving the boys, then you must all work together to complete one final group assignment.

"If you all complete your assignments without being found out, you will win a very special prize.”

When one girl completes her challenge, she must activate the next girl to start hers by giving the secret code – ‘GIRL CODE’

The five assignments are:

• Spoon a boy who is not your partner for at least five minutes


• Tell a boy you’ve dropped your earring in the pool and get him to swim around trying to find it, then after five minutes reveal it was in your ear the whole time

• Tell three boys who are not your partner that you had a sex dream about them last night

• Get Marcel to say ‘Blazin Squad’ five times in a conversation

• Get a head massage from a boy who isn’t your partner and make sex noises while he is doing it

• The final group assignment is to persuade all the boys to get in the hot tub with all of the girls.

The girls are given just one hour to complete all of the assignments.


Will girl power see them succeed in the challenge? And what is their big surprise prize?

Find out when Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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