Love Island 2017: Gabby Allen's ex boyfriend speaks out and insists she's NOT fake

Love Island 2017: Gabby during the lie detector test.

Love Island 2017 contestant Gabby Allen has had some support from an unlikely source.

Her ex-boyfriend, who dated Gabby for a year, has spoken out in her defence.


After both Gabby's fellow contestants and viewers branded her "fake" in the wake of her the lie detector, ex Billy has insisted she's the real deal.

“She’s a very genuine girl. She’s been herself in the house,” he told The Sun newspaper. “A couple of people have said she’s fake, but I am certain she’s been truthful.

"I hope she wins. Gabby deserves it.”

“She’s the sexiest girl I’ve ever met. I fancied her as soon as I saw her. She’s got good chat and she’s sexy overall. It was one of the best relationships I’ve ever had,” he added.

In last night's show, Gabby's new boyfriend Marcel Somerville pulled Camilla to one side to hatch a plan to impress Gabby on their final date.

He explained: “I’ve been planning this thing for a little while. I’ve written a poem and obviously for the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to plot things so I’ve been stealing the papers out of the cigarette boxes and a jar from the kitchen.

"I’m going to write 10 rhyming couplets onto the paper, put them into the jar and then give it to Gabs. I want to give it to her on our final date so it’s something she can keep from this.”


Marcel asked for Camilla’s help in pulling off this grand gesture but how will Gabby react on their date tonight?

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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