Big Brother 2017: It kicks off as nomination reasons are revealed

Big Brother 2017's latest twist caused major drama in the house last night.

Five housemates are up for the public vote in Big Brother this week, facing a double eviction.


Chanelle, Ellie, Hannah, Kieran and Tom are all up for the axe and the results were revealed to the house last night.

They'll face the public vote and the TWO housemates with the most votes will be evicted in Friday's live show.

In announcing the results to the house last night, Big Brother had yet another twist in store.

"Would one housemate go to the postbox and hand out the gifts to the nominated housemates," Big Brother said. "Chanelle, Kieran, Ellie, Tom and Hannah, you have just been handed a gift from Big Brother.

"This gift is a T Shirt. On the T shirts you will find some of reasons your fellow housemates gave when nominating you. You must wear the T shirts for the rest of the evening."


The quotes on the T shirt quickly started to cause trouble as housemates each stood up to read out the quotes and respond to their critics.

Kieran was told he was negative and moody while Chanelle was branded irritating, rude and messy.

"What the f**k?" responded Tom when he was told he was a follower. "F**k off!"

Ellie was told she was obsessed with her social media, was selfish and didn't contribute.

Hannah was told she was "in it for the money" which she branded "balls".

In tonight's show, Chanelle and Hannah kick off about their two faced housemates while hanelle ends her friendship with Ellie over nominations.


The full fallout from the twist and nominations results will air in tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights from 10:30PM on Channel 5.


Two of the nominated housemates will leave alongside Sam, who was evicted but didn't leave the house last night, in Friday's live show in a triple eviction.

The Big Brother 2017 final date will take place on Friday, July 28 live from 9PM.

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