Love Island 2017: Chris Hughes' son Cash Hughes has his own Twitter account

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Chris Hughes' (fake) Love Island son Cash Hughes now has his own Twitter account.

In yesterday evening's episode of Love Island 2017, the couples were woken up by the sound of babies crying and were tasked to play Mum and Dad, looking after baby simulators which required everything from feeding to nappy changing.


Chris immediately took to his role as a new father like a duck to water: “I think this morning he has already brought out an emotional side in me."

However girlfriend Olivia described it as a "nightmare", before naming their son Cash after her "favourite thing.”

Later in the garden, Chris was overwhelmed by the emotions of becoming a new father.

Olivia, Chris and baby.
Olivia, Chris and baby Cash

He told Olivia he had a tear in his eye because he cared so much about their baby.

But Olivia concluded: “I have been a mum for a whole four hours and I’m done with it.”

Chris' role as doting dad won over many fans and even saw his son end up with a Twitter account.


And it's fair to say Cash isn't a big fan of his mum Olivia.

"Feels like the internet loves me more than me mam does #loveisland" the little one wrote.

Another post on the joke account, which already boasts 30,000 followers,read: "getting a DNA test, what if muggy mike is my actual dad?? #loveisland #muggymike"

A third popular tweet asked: "if your dad doesn't remember your spf 50 is he really your dad? #loveisland"

Love Island Chris
Love Island Chris

"can i legally disown my mother? #loveisland" a fourth post to @hughes_cash said.


We love the internet.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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