Big Brother 2017 winner will leave with £65,000 of the prize fund

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The Big Brother 2017 winner will leave with £65,000 in their prize fund tonight.

Isabelle, Deborah, Raph and Tom are left in the final this evening, playing for the win and cash.


The original £100,000 total was first cut by £15,000 when Second Chance Housemates Sue, Andrew, Sam and Simone joined the house earlier this month.

The four were told that they couldn't win the show but the last one of them left standing would win the £15,000 from the main prize fund.

This month saw another prize fund twist as housemates competed to steal up to £20,000 of the main prize fund. Second Chance Housemate Andrew stole the eventual total of £18,900 and in a big twist evicted Sam, the last of the Second Chance Housemates.

He joins Isabelle, Deborah, Raph and Tom in the final but won't be able to win the show.

As he cannot win the main prize pot, Andrew will therefore leave the house this evening with a total of £33,900, more than half the eventual winner will receive.

Over the years Big Brother's prize money twists have seen housemates leaving with all sorts of varying amounts of cash.

Last year's winner Jason Burrill left with £70,000 while 2015 saw Chloe Wilburn get the most prize money ever with £116,100.

The lowest prize fund ever awarded was the £50,000 Luke Anderson won in 2012, joint with Anthony Hutton's prize in Big Brother 6 back in 2005.

The average Big Brother prize fund over the past six years since the move to Channel 5 has been £82,000.


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The last episode of the series airs Friday from 9PM and the live final hosted by Emma Willis.

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