Big Brother 2017: Jealous Ellie Young is angry at Isabelle Warburton

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Ellie Young gets angry at Isabelle Warburton on Big Brother 2017 tonight.

It's as she once again gets jealous about Isabelle and Sam Chaloner.


In this evening's episode, most of the housemates play a game of Spin the Bottle in the living room. Isabelle is dared to suck Kieran’s nipple. Sam is dared to go on one knee in front of Ellie and tell her the five things he likes best about her.

Isabelle is then asked to play Snog, Marry, Avoid, between Sam, Kieran and Tom and she admits she would choose to snog Sam, marry Kieran and avoid Tom.

Ellie is not happy about Isabelle’s admission and tells Charlotte quietly on the sofas while Sam then dares Chanelle to kiss Isabelle.

Later, Ellie admits to Sam that she is hurt by Isabelle admitting she would kiss Sam and he tries to comfort her.

The pair's latest row comes after they start the show waking up in bed toegtehr spending a romantic evening in the Big Brother boudoir.

Ellie and Sam go to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about their sleepover in the boudoir. Ellie says: “I woke up thinking I were at home” and said “It was dead nice to have a proper kiss.


"You shut your eyes, and you touch the face, and you proper kiss them and it gets deeper and deeper every time you kiss, but it gets that deep that you just want to pull them toward you”, and Sam responds laughing “Oh god”.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at the later time of 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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