Is Love Island's lie detector a fake? ITV hit back over 'fix' claims

Love Island 2017: Olivia during the lie detector test.

Love Island's lie detector test has been branded 'fake' by former contestants.

Last night's episode saw the girls take on the lie detector with questions posed to them by their partners.


There were some surprise answers as the lie detector through up some interesting results, while the girls got super honest in a bid to avoid being called out.

But former contestants say it's all a stunt.

Olivia Buckland tweeted: "The lie detector is an absolute cracker for TV drama, the islanders are told it's real & accurate. But FYI - it's not."

Her fiance Alex Bowen also posted to Twitter: “Do you see a future with Olivia? I said yes, the m********** went red and said I lied. Now I’m getting married.

“The lie detector test is about as real as my new teeth.

“We thought it was real last year. Then on the show they said it’s 90% real, no 80%, no 70%. Actually, it’s a laugh. They got me good.”


Emma-Jane Woodhams agreed: "Looks like # LoveIsland are mugging off all their islanders again with another fake lie detector. They tell you in there its 100% real (sic)."

Even winner Cara de la Hoyde agreed.

"It's a fabricated test to provide entertainment," she tweeted. "Last year [Alex Bowen's] machine fell off half way through and I had to stick it back on him."

However ITV hit back at the claims, telling The Sun newspaper that the results of the lie detector were "completely genuine."


Tonight's episode sees more fallout and drama from the lie detector results.

Love Island 2017 airs this evening at 9PM on ITV2.

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