Love Island 2017: Chris falls in love with his baby but Olivia's not bothered

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Love Island's Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood have very different attitudes to parenthood.

In this evening's episode the couples are woken up by the sound of babies crying as they're tasked to play Mum and Dad, looking after baby simulators which require everything from feeding to nappy changing.


Chris immediately takes to his role as a new father like a duck to water.

“I think this morning he has already brought out an emotional side in me,” he says of his son.

Chris continues: “With Olivia, we have stopped the mishaps we’ve had together and we’ve got to focus on the baby now, because ultimately he is our main responsibility.”

However he and Olivia struggle to agree on a name.

Olivia wants Kai after her dad, but Chris says it’s not fair. Olivia then suggests they call their baby Cash. Chris is happy to agree with the name, Cash Hughes.


In the Beach Hut, she explains: “We named him after our favourite thing.”

Later in the garden, Chris is overwhelmed by the emotions of becoming a new father. He tells Olivia he has a tear in his eye because he cares so much about their baby.

In the afternoon, Chris is still obsessed with his new baby. Looking adoringly at Cash, Chris says: “He’s got his dad’s eyes like a husky and he’s got his mother’s temperament.”

But in the Beach Hut, Olivia says: “I have been a mum for a whole four hours and I’m done with it.”

The girls then leave for lunch to leave the guys in charge of the babies.


When Olivia exits the villa, Cash is crying so Chris goes to comfort him by the pool with Sam and his baby Star. “Clearly he misses his mum,” Chris says.

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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