Love Island 2017 couples get babies to look after with hilarious results

Love Island 2017: Amber, Kem and baby.

The Love Island 2017 couples look after (fake) babies in tonight's latest challenge.

In this evening's episode the couples are woken up by the sound of babies crying as they're tasked to play Mum and Dad, looking after baby simulators which require everything from feeding to nappy changing.


Georgia jokes, “I can’t believe I’ve got a baby and I haven’t even had sex!”

In the Beach Hut, Gabby reacts: “There’s probably a reason why my friends don’t let me baby sit, because they don’t know if I would be able to cope.”

After dressing their baby in the coolest clothes they could find, Kem and Amber are in the Beach Hut. Amber says: “You’re definitely the dad, I wouldn’t worry about that.” Kem laughs and is shocked.

Love Island: Camilla and Jamie with baby Jamie Jr
Love Island: Camilla and Jamie with baby Jamie Jr
Love Island 2017: Gabby, Marcel and baby.
Love Island 2017: Gabby, Marcel and baby.

She continues: “Our baby’s godparents are Chris and Liv because we do believe that they are going to be the strongest mother and father after us. Liv is very maternal.” Kem isn’t so sure.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Camilla are with their daughter, named Jamie Jr. “She is going to be a strong, independent woman,” Camilla says.

Montana and Alex agree to call their baby, Harper but Chris and Olivia disagree (gasp) on their name. Olivia wants Kai after her dad, but Chris says it’s not fair. Olivia then suggests they call their baby Cash. Chris is happy to agree with the name, Cash Hughes.


In the Beach Hut, she explains: “We named him after our favourite thing.”

Sam and Georgia are in the kitchen. They decide to call their daughter Star, middle name Sign. “Do you think I’m a milf?” Georgia asks Sam.

Sam then goes sunbathing with baby Star by the pool. Olivia, Chris and Amber are telling him he needs to be a more responsible father and put factor 50 sun cream on the baby and bring her into the shade.

The task sees Camilla admit in the Beach Hut that she is feeling broody: “I definitely did feel a little ovary twinge today, much more to do with the guys, they are just so cute with the babies.”

In the bedroom, Alex says he thinks these babies are boring because they can’t show any emotion other than cry.

“We can have a real one if you want,” Montana teases.

Olivia, Chris and baby.
Olivia, Chris and baby Cash
Alex and Montana with the baby.
Love Island: Alex and Montana with the baby.

Later on, Camilla gets a text: “We can’t shout because of the babies,” she says before reading out, “Girls, please get ready for some you time while the boys stay at home with the baby #daddydaycare #ladieswholunch”

The girls are all very excited to be “Milfs on tour,” as Gabby calls them as they go to lunch leaving the guys to cope alone.


What could go wrong?

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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