Big Brother fans want more of Deborah and Kieran Lee, less of Ellie and Sam

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Big Brother 2017 viewers want editors to show more of Deborah Agboola and Kieran Lee.

And fans have made it clear they've had enough of Ellie Young and Sam Chaloner's 'showmance'.


In last night's episode, Sam and Ellie were invited to spend the night together in the spare bedroom following Chanelle's stay with her boyfriend.

Ellie told him: “Let’s pretend it’s our first date…we’ve got to know each other in such a short amount of time.”

Sam reveals to her: “I do genuinely like you…I wasn’t expecting this.”

Ellie confirmed she liked him too and added: “For now let’s keep a guard up. I’m scared, I don’t want sh*t to happen again.”

They later kissed in bed as Sam told her: “I quite like you. I didn’t plan to like someone, I was expecting it.” Ellie replied: “Just me and you.”

The general consensus on Twitter is that we've seen enough of the pair.


"swap sam and ellie with deborah and kieran #bbuk" one fan posted.

Another agreed: "Kieran and Deborah talking about cats is a lot more interesting than anything Sam and Ellie have ever done #bbuk"

"Why are producers trying to force sam and ellie on us? This showmance ain't working. I wanna see keiran and Debra #BBUK," posted a third.

A fourth wrote on Twitter: "Can #BBUK just let Kieran and Deborah have a nice dinner date. I'm so tired of Sam and Ellie. They make me sick"

But will producers take notice?


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The next episode airs Wednesday at the slightly later than usual time of 10:30PM.

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