Big Brother 2017: Charlotte Keys can't stand 'unfunny' Chanelle McCleary

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Charlotte Keys has taken to the diary room for a rant about Chanelle McCleary on Big Brother 2017.

As Chanelle pre-emptively celebrated her birthday - which is on Thursday - in the house yesterday, Charlotte had had enough.


"With Chanelle I think the problem that I have that no one else in the house seems to have is that I don't find her funny," Charlotte told Big Brother. "Like, at all.

"At all."

Charlotte continued: "So I think she originally thought I was being a bitch because she said I would never laugh at her and she thought I disliked her. It's not 'cause I disliked her, it's just I don't find her funny.

"I just don't find it.. it bores me... I find that boring," Charlotte told Big Brother.

She concluded: "We don't have any particular problem with each other, she is whatever... she's here I just ignore her most of the time."

Elsewhere yesterday, Raph was quick to take the advice of Josie Gibson after their meeting, pranking the housemates by mixing fake tan into the shower gel.

Meanwhile, Tom pleaded with Big Brother for some time with his mum, offering up £5,000 of the prize fund.


Finally, the prize money twist concluded with a shock revelation as one housemate stole the £18,900 total - and evicted another housemate.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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