Big Brother 2017 housemates have their game faces on ahead of big twist

The Big Brother 2017 housemates have their game faces on - but just who is being genuine?

Ahead of a major twist that's sure to shake up the house, Deborah took to the Diary Room to reveal who she thought the biggest fakers were.


"Obviously when Chanelle came back from seeing her boyfriend he just said that be careful because a lot of people have got their game faces on," Deborah told Big Brother.

She continued: "And I don't like to say I'm worried, but I don't, I'm not worried 'cause I just came to have an experience.

"And you know do the stuff I wanted to do and I feel like I've nearly completed it."

Deborah went on to out Sam and Andrew as the biggest game players, even if they're not actually able to win.

"I'm cool with Sam but I don't really think he's here for the experience, I think he's here to stay as long as he can," Deborah suggested.

She went on: "And Andrew, I know he had that sort of ra ra with Hannah where he as calling Hannah, pot black kettle, whatever that saying is. Between them two they're quite competitive and I know they want to be here as long as possible

"All these people they're too. I want to win, I want jump, I want to fly. I don't, I just think, calm down guys."

Tonight will see the truth out when Big Brother gives housemates the chance to steal £18,900 of the prize fund for themselves.


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The outcome of the prize money twist will air in Wednesday night's show.

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