Love Island 2017 could get Blazin' Squad back together again

Love Island: Marcel shocked at Camilla and Jamie prank.

Blazin' Squad could reunite following Marcel Somerville's appearance on Love Island 2017.

Who, in case you didn't know, used to be in Blazin' Squad.


Throughout the series he's wanted to make sure everyone knew, even if Marcel's fellow Islanders didn't always appear all that impressed with his 'confession'.

But all his chat has meant that Blazin' Squad's songs have been climbing the charts, with Love Island's new Aftersun spin-off revealing that streams of the group on Spotify have climbed 2,500%.

Now his former bandmates Chris McKeckney aka Melo-D and Oliver Georgiou aka Freek have said a full reunion could be on the cards.


"If we can make it happen, then we will," Chris told The Sun newspaper. “It has to be done in the right way but we’re not against it.

“I think the first thing is, we’ve been doing a few shows, so to up that to a tour, if we were to do anything that would be the first point of call, see how that goes then who knows.


“Release new music wouldn’t be off the table either.”

Oliver added: “There are talks and offers, but we have to wait and see about Marcel's time in the villa and have a chat.

“We've had record labels, we've had promoters and meetings with various people. There are a lot of diaries to consider, a lot of people to consider, it's not just two or three people, it's ten diaries to consider and it's been a long time since we've done it properly, so there are a lot of options to weigh up.


“That's the one thing – that’s the deciding factor.


“If it's something we can make happen and it works around everyone then we will.”

For now, Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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