Love Island 2017: Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes make it official

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Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes made it official on Love Island 2017 tonight.

The pair rekindled their romance after their recent recoupling after a messy split, becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.


In this evening's episode, Olivia first spoke to Kem and Amber about a grand gesture she had planned. She told the pair: “I feel like in terms of our relationship, he has grafted me from the beginning and I’ve thrown a few obstacles in the way...

"He always tells me how he feels and says lovely things and I just say nothing, so I’d like to give him something to work with.”

“Me sticking it on him a bit more is so unpredictable from someone like me, I’ve never had to do anything like this or ever felt the need to but I think that this is what makes him special, the fact that I want to.

"It’s interesting for me because it’s a totally new way of going about things, it’s 2017, I’m a feminist… Girl power.”

Olivia then pulled Chris aside and shared a speech which she had written on her phone.


"We've been through a lot, being nice to people isn't something that comes naturally to me," Olivia told him. "You make me want to be a nicer person, cause I haven't met anyone as nice as you...

"As much as it annoys me a little bit, it makes me want to be nicer."

Olivia then concluded by saying she hoped Chris would ask her to be his girlfriend, insisting she wouldn't ask the question herself.

Chris obliged and Olivia - unsurprisingly - said yes.


Following their chat, the pair embraced with Chris branding Olivia's speech the "cutest thing" anyone had done for him.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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