Big Brother 2017: Hannah Agboola fumes over garlic prank

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Hannah Agboola was left fuming in tonight's Big Brother 2017 after a prank involving garlic.

Raphael Korine decided to wind up Hannah by hiding garlic in her pillow and rubbing it all over the casing.


It left Hannah raging, saying the smell made her feel sick.

Hannah went around the house demanding answers before Raph confessed all to her, leading to him getting a strong ticking off.

The argument followed Hannah clashing with Andrew Cruickshanks after getting involved in another row between Hannah and Charlotte Keys,

Charlotte and Hannah locked horns after Hannah said Charlotte had become 'too loud'.

Hannah said: "I like you but I feel when you was less quieter, not in a bad way, you were someone I was getting to know you, but obviously, now I feel like 'cause the pressure of everyone saying that you're too quiet you're too quiet...

"I feel in in certain things I think you're over vocal without reason or if it has nothing to do with you."


Andrew then got involved to defend Charlotte, accusing Hannah of being just as bad at getting involved in people's business.

This led to the pair rowing before clearing the air on the sofas before bed.

Elsewhere tonight, Big Brother called both Andrew and Chanelle to the Diary Room and set them a secret mission to become the house's biggest drama queens.

They passed, winning themselves a pampering session in the bathroom.


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs at 10PM on Monday night.

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