Big Brother 2017 housemates face disgusting task to win £2,000 of the prize money

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The first Big Brother prize money twist task has taken place - and it's a disgusting one.

Earlier today, Big Brother announced that housemates would be split into two teams, competing for £20,000 of the prize fund.


Andrew, Ellie, Hannah, Isabelle, Kieran and Sam are in the GOLD Team while Chanelle, Charlotte, Deborah, Raph and Tom are the BLACK team.

"The two teams must sleep in separate bedrooms. All friendships made in the house so far, must be kept to one side," Big Brother continued, "Your own focus now is to earn back the money for your team.

Note that the below video contains scenes of rather graphic and disgusting vomiting.

In the first head to head battle, Hannah and Tom took on a challenge.

"In front of you are ten fermented eggs," Big Brother told the pair. "Shortly a klaxon will sound You will be racing against each other to eat as many eggs are you can.


"The first housemate to finish all of their eggs the quickest will win £2,000 that will be deposited into your team pot. The other team will gain no amount of money regardless of the amount of eggs eaten."

Big Brother concluded: "This is a battle of the century... egg."

Chanelle advised: "Just don't look at is an old egg, some people eat them."

The klaxon then sounded as Hannah and Tom quickly tucked in.

What followed is possibly one of the most disgusting Big Brother challenges ever with Hannah in seen viciously vomiting across the task room.

Meanwhile, the other housemates watched on and cheered - and winced - in support.


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs tonight from 9PM.

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