Love Island 2017 spoiler: Shock revelations in new task cause drama

Love Island: Montana, Tyla and Olivia during the challenge.

The Love Island 2017 contestants make some surprise revelations in tonight's new task.

On this evening's show, Marcel gets a text which reads: “Boys, it’s time to find out if you really know what your girl is thinking in today’s challenge #thatswhatshesaid #makingasplash #ohnoshedidnt”


In today’s challenge, the girls will be asked a series of questions about themselves and their boys. The girls must write their answers on a board and the boys must guess what they have written. If they guess correctly, they avoid being dunked in a pool.

Some of the questions include: “What is the most annoying thing about your boy?”, “What is your boy’s best personality trait?”, “What is your boy’s worst habit?” and “If you could achieve one thing in life, what would it be?”

Chris guesses that Olivia would put “to have a family” but she puts “to be rich.”

Love Island 2017:  Chris and Olivia
Love Island 2017: Chris and Olivia

Other questions include, “What could your boys do that would improve the relationship?”

The couples find out that the truth hurts and leads to drama for some couples.

Following the task, Chris and Kem are talking about the question in the challenge where Olivia admitted she wanted to be rich over having a family. Kem asks Chris how he felt about that.


“I’m a family guy and I come from a proper family so it’s always my dream to have a family and settle down and have kids and a nice house,” he says.

“Do you think she wants to have kids and have a family or does she just want to be [rich]?” Kem asks him.

Chris says Olivia would want a family one day.

Kem explains that he and Chris are more “soppy” than Amber and Olivia.

Love Island 2017: Chris Kem talk about their girls.
Love Island 2017: Chris Kem talk about their girls.

“We love the romantic stuff and the sensible stuff,” Chris says.


Elsewhere in the task, Jamie guesses what Camilla has written – “he is too good at everything!” while Mike correctly guesses that Tyla thinks he is caring.

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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