Big Brother 2017: Hannah Agboola doesn't like 'loud' Charlotte Keys

Hannah Agboola and Charlotte Keys clashed in the Big Brother 2017 house last night.

It followed Hannah saying Charlotte was the housemate she liked the least because she was too loud.


"The housemate I like the least because I find her very loud, and I thought possibly she could go because 'I don't have any following'," Hannah told Charlotte in a game in the living area.

"Why do you think I'm too vocal now?" asked Charlotte.

Hannah explained: "I like you but I feel when you was less quieter, not in a bad way, you were someone I was getting to know you, but obviously, now I feel like 'cause the pressure of everyone saying that you're too quiet you're too quiet, in certain things I think you're over vocal without reason or if it has nothing to do with you.

"You just don't necessarily have to speak that's just my personal opinion."

"Like what?" Charlotte quizzed.


'I'm not going to give you an example because I'm not going to go back cause I'm living for today, but in certain things, I find you speaking too much when it doesn't concern you," Hannah said.

But Charlotte continued to press Hannah: "What do you think I'm more vocal about now that I wasn't prior?"

She added: "the reason why I'm upset is because I'm surprised you thought that you're the person I like the least in the house cause actually in the last week I thought we'd like really had good chats and I really like you."

Charlotte concluded: "I'm a very vocal person."


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

This evening's episode airs at 9PM tonight.

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