Big Brother 2017: Hannah Agboola isn't sure about Ellie Young

Hannah Agboola has revealed she's still not sure about Ellie Young on Big Brother 2017.

After 40 days in the house, Hannah went to the Diary Room today to speak to Big Brother about who she's still yet to bond with.


"The first person I haven't bonded with as much as I would like to is Ellie," Hannah began, "Due to the fact that, umm, I still don't know her purpose.

"I still - and which is not a bad thing - I just still don't know her purpose.

"I've forgiven it, but I can't forget that you couldn't stand alone and say no. Girl power, that's wrong."

"When certain situations were happening with me in the House and I felt like, you used me as a guinea pig because you didn't even know me and that was your easy option in certain situations.

"And I've looked past that but I feel like I still... now that I've sat around her I still don't know you."

Hannah also had words about Charlotte Keys, saying: "Charlotte a lot at the start, because it was like, it's not that she was quiet, but she only needed to speak about things that concern her.

"But now I feel like she's over vocal in a way that comes across like I know have been telling you 'you're not vocal', don't be pressured to be vocal because other people are telling you to do that."


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

This evening's episode airs at 9PM on Channel 5.

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