Big Brother 2017: Chanelle McCleary rages at the housemates in new task

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Chanelle McCleary has been given a secret task in the Big Brother 2017 house.

Because apparently she's not dominating the nightly highlights shows enough.


Big Brother called Chanelle to the Diary Room and set her a mission to become the house's biggest drama queen.

If she passes the mission, she'll be rewarded with some "exciting treats".

Chanelle immediately went about completing her task, shouting and ranting over wanting to host a dance off between the housemates.

"I just think everyone's so negative, when are we having this f**king dance off? Is everyone ready for the dance off or not?" she complained. " All I'm trying to do is bring f**king positivity to the House.

"Why is everyone so negative? It's p***ing me off."


She then ranted at the group: "F**king hell, are you incapable of standing there like this... f**king rude."

Then in the bathroom, Chanelle shouted at Hannah and Deborah: "I want positive vibes! I'm sick of the negativity. I want to dance. I want to dance. I've had enough. It's bulls**t."

She then raged in the garden: "People in the house, I'm just so above them. I am too glam to give a damn!" before letting out her trademark "Wah!" cry.

Chanelle eventually concluded: "The house would be so much more entertaining with just me in it."

Throughout it all the other housemates didn't seem particularly bothered by Chanelle's over the top acting.

Will she pass the secret task - and what will her reward be?


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The task highlights will air on Sunday night's show from 9PM.

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