Channel 4 funnyman Alan Carr turned down 'Up, Up and a Gay' reality series

Channel 4

Channel 4 chatshow host Alan Carr has revealed he turned down a new reality series which would've seen him travel around the globe with gay pilots. Provisionally titled 'Up, Up and a Gay', Alan (sensibly, it seems!) turned down the daft series to focus on his new stand up tour.

Alan also revealed he was asked to host another reality show called, uninspiringly, 'Ten Gay Celebrities On A Farm'

"That would have involved me learning to fly and flying around the world talking to other gay pilots. The other one wanted to put ten gay celebrities on a farm," Alan told The Sun. "They just wanted me to be milking a cow squealing, 'Aargh!'."

He continued: "Really, come on. I have awards for my stand-up comedy. I don't want people to forget that."

And he added: "I just feel there's so much trash about I have to go back on tour to prove myself again."

Alan Carr starts his new stand up tour on September 11 in Brighton.

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